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About UsOur showroom - with working Ecologica Idro

Kerry Biofuels is a family run business based in Tralee, Co Kerry.

Established in 2004, Kerry Biofuels was up and running long before the SEI's Greener Homes grant scheme was introduced.

All of us employed at Kerry Biofuels are committed to the renewable energy sector and sustainable living in general.

As well as selling the biomass and solar systems, we also live with them in our own homes. 


The vast majority of our work is with the domestic user.

We are more than happy to help with any aspect of your purchase and can show you working systems in our new showroom, carry out surveys, design systems and will assist with your SEI application.

If you employ Kerry Biofuels to install your system, we do it. We do not sub contract any aspect of the installation and so take on the responsibility for both the equipment supplied and the workmanship. If there problems with either, we deal with them ourselves rather than referring you to other suppliers or installers. Our showroom - with working pellet boiler and buffer tank

We are fully trained by all our suppliers and have parts for everything we fit.

To date, Kerry Biofuels have installed over 650 biomass and solar systems, ranging from the humble room heating pellet stove up to the more elaborate combination wood pellet and solar thermal heating systems with buffer tanks. 

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience.


Supporting Irish Jobs

Wherever possible, we buy Irish and are pleased to support Irish jobs. 

Currently we stock the following Irish products :

"brites" wood pellets - Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

dPellet wood pellets - Knocktopher, Co Kilkenny

Gerkros wood pellet boilers - Donaskeigh, Co Tipperary

Hamco cast iron stoves - Tullamore, Co Offaly

Irish Ecologs - Newcastle West, Co Limerick

Thermomax evacuated tubes - Bangor, Co Antrim



Appliances currently on display  :

Wood Pellet Boilers & Stoves

Gerkros 20kW Woodpecker boiler

Extraflame Duchessa Idro - working

Extraflame Melinda Idro

Extraflame Lucrezia Idro

Extraflame LP20

Extraflame Comfort Mini - working

Extraflame Comfort Maxi - working

Extraflame Esmeralda

Extraflame Divina - working

Extraflame Bella Lux

Extraflame Rosy

Wood Stoves and Cookers

La Nordica Asia

La Nordica Fiametta

La Nordica Fiorella

La Nordica Cortina

La Nordica Nicoletta

La Nordica Gaia Forno


Multi Fuel Stoves 

Broseley Hercules 12B

La Nordica Isetta

Hamco Ree Pettite

Hamco Allen

Hamco Glenbarrow

Hamco Ennell

Hamco Ree

Hamco Glendine

Hamco Glenregan

Hamco Glenmore

Green Stoves 20kW

Heat Design TRMidi


Solar Thermal

40 evacuated tubes - working

Buffer tank with solar coil

Resol pump station with controller

20 Thermomax DF100 evacuated tubes

20 Sunrain evacuated tubes

Dimplex 2.0m2 flat plate panels