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The Chimney SheepThe Chimney Sheep - the draught excluder for your chimney


Chimney Sheep™ Draught Excluder for Chimneys

Chimneys are cleverly designed to draw air up and out of a building. The amount of warm air that is lost varies depending on the height of the chimney, the temperature inside and the temperature outside.

You can spend a fortune insulating your loft, walls, installing double glazing, putting in radiator reflectors and so on, but if you've got a square foot gap designed to suck air out of a building, then you'll lose all that lovely expensive warm air out of a room within an hour.


The Chimney Sheep™ draught excluder for chimneys comes with its own dangle, and it is very important that this is visible at the top of the fireplace so no-one forgets it is there and lights a fire.

If you want to light the fire the Chimney Sheep™ is easily removed – pop it in a gorgeous wrap to hang from the mantelpiece or put it in a bag in the cupboard, then push it back in when the fire is completely out.


Environmental credentials

Wool is a naturally occurring, sustainable product.

It can be washed several times, but at the end of its life, it is compostable.

The handle is made out of recycled plastic and at the end of its life, can be recycled again.


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 The 10

The 12

 10" Round
- suitable for standard 8" chimneys

€ 21.00 inc vat

 12" Round
- suitable for larger 10" chimneys

€ 24.00 inc vat




Optional Extras

Chimney Sheep - extension rod

Chunky Extension Rod

€ 4.00 inc vat