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June Bank Holiday 2018

Showrooms and Warehouse

CLOSED  Mon 4th June 
REOPENING  Tues 5th June

Next order for Extraflame #woodpellet stoves & boilers will be placed on 
Tues 5th Jun 2018.     

Cleaning Rods & Brushes

Wood pellet stove cleaning rods & brushesWood Pellet
Cleaning rods  
& brushes, from
€21.00 inc vat

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Raimo Big Bag Dispenser

Raimo bulk bag dispenserSafely empty the contents of your fertilizer, feed, seed or #woodpellet bulk bag. 
Raimo Information

The Pellet BasketWood Pellet Basket - 6 litre round

Basic Features

The pellet basket is an easy complimentary source of heating allowing you to burn wood pellets or briquettes in hot air stoves, tiled stoves or open fires.

A basket filled with wood pellets will keep heating for up to 4 hours, depending on the fireplace and the adjustment of the draw.

Half the time the pellets burn with decorative flames, the remainder it becomes an efficient bed of embers.



Heating output   :   up to 15 kilowatts per burn period

Burn period   :   circa 4 hours


Wood pellets

Pellet capacity   :   minimum of 3kg or 4.5 litres

 Wood Pellet Basket - 4.7 litre rectangle

Wood Pellet Basket - 6 litre rectangle

 Wood Pellet Basket - 4.5 litre round

 Wood Pellet Basket - 6 litre round with ashcan

 4.7 litre rectangle

Height   :   185mm
Width    :   215mm
Depth    :   147mm

€ 33.50 inc vat

7 litre rectangle

Height   :   185mm
Width    :   250mm
Depth    :   200mm

€ 38.50 inc vat

4.5 litre round

Height   :   180mm
Diameter    :   200mm

€ 33.50 inc vat

6 litre round with ashcan

Height   :   180mm
Diameter    :   220mm

€ 38.50 inc vat

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Optional Extras

Wood Pellet Basket - ashcan

Wood Pellet Basket - grill


€ 9.50 inc vat


€ 9.50 inc vat

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