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June Bank Holiday 2018

Showrooms and Warehouse

CLOSED  Mon 4th June 
REOPENING  Tues 5th June

Sunrain Solar Panels - Temperature Blog

Sunrain Solar Panels - 60 evacuated tubes


Installation Details

Installed in Ballyheigue, Co Kerry
2 x 30 tube Sunrain solar panels
Hot water from the solar panels contributes to the heating system (primary source - Gerkros wood pellet boiler)
2 x 210 stainless steel hot water storage cylinders
45 degree pitch roof on natural slates
Southerly orientation
No obstructions to the solar panels - trees etc


Hottest Recorded Temperature in the Collector During Each Day (degrees Centigrade)


May 2010 

Total hours of heat transfer from panels into cylinders in May 2010 : tbc

Sunday 23rd May - 80°C
Saturday 22nd May - 74°C
Friday 21st May - 80°C
Thursday 20th May  - 75°C
Wednesday 19th May - 79°C
Tuesday 18th May - 45°C
Monday 17th May - 74°C

Sunday 16th May - 91°C
Saturday 15th May - 80°C
Friday 14th May - 79°C
Thursday 13th May  - 57°C
Wednesday 12th May - 83°C
Tuesday 11th May - 80°C
Monday 10th May - 80°C

Sunday 9th May - 76°C
Saturday 8th May - 83°C
Friday 7th May - 76°C
Thursday 6th May  - 80°C
Wednesday 5th May - 52°C
Tuesday 4th May - 70°C
Monday 3rd May - 92°C

Sunday 2nd May - 78°C
Saturday 1st May - 81°C


April 2010 

Total hours of heat transfer from panels into cylinders in April 2010 : 224 hours

Friday 30th Apr - 82°C
Thursday 29th Apr - 78°C
Wednesday 28th Apr - 63°C
Tuesday 27th Apr - 55°C
Monday 26th Apr - 81°C

Sunday 18th Apr - 82°C
Saturday 17th Apr - 78°C
Friday 16th Apr - 81°C
Thursday 15th Apr - 82°C
Wednesday 14th Apr - 82°C
Tuesday 13th Apr - 82°C
Monday 12th Apr - 82°C

Sunday 11th Apr - 79°C
Saturday 10th Apr - 76°C
Friday 9th Apr - 72°C
Thursday 8th Apr - 79°C
Wednesday 7th Apr - 95°C
Tuesday 6th Apr - 98°C
Monday 5th Apr - 54°C

Sunday 4th Apr - 105°C
Saturday 3rd Apr - 108°C
Friday 2nd Apr - 85°C
Thursday 1st Apr - 114°C


March 2010 

Total hours of heat transfer from panels into cylinders in March 2010 : 209

Wednesday 31st Mar - 83°C
Tuesday 30th Mar - 79°C
Monday 29th Mar - 40°C

Sunday 28th Mar - 63°C
Saturday 27th Mar - 73°C
Friday 26th Mar - 76°C
Thursday 25th Mar - 69°C
Wednesday 24th Mar - 91°C
Tuesday 23rd Mar - 50°C
Monday 22nd Mar - 76°C

Sunday 21st Mar - 98°C
Saturday 20th Mar - 82°C
Friday 19th Mar - 52°C
Thursday 18th Mar - 71°C
Wednesday 17th Mar - 51°C
Tuesday 16th Mar - 51°C
Monday 15th Mar - 50°C

Sunday 14th Mar - 63°C
Saturday 13th Mar - 73°C
Friday 12th Mar - 77°C
Thursday 11th Mar - 73°C
Wednesday 10th Mar - 75°C
Tuesday 9th Mar - 74°C
Monday 8th Mar - 74°C

Sunday 7th Mar - 81°C
Saturday 6th Mar - 80°C
Friday 5th Mar - 76°C
Thursday 4th Mar - 73°C
Wednesday 3rd Mar - 152°C
Tuesday 2nd Mar - 147°C
Monday 1st Mar - 142°C


February 2010 

Total hours of heat transfer from panels into cylinders in February 2010 : 132

Sunday 28th Feb - 72°C
Saturday 27th Feb - 101°C
Friday 26th Feb -  71°C
Thursday 25th Feb - 101°C
Wednesday 24th Feb - 67°C
Tuesday 23rd Feb - 36°C
Monday 22nd Feb - 105°C

Sunday 21st Feb - 70°C
Saturday 20th Feb - 61°C
Friday 19th Feb -  63°C
Thursday 18th Feb - 78°C
Wednesday 17th Feb - 66°C
Tuesday 16th Feb - 102°C
Monday 15th Feb - 49°C

Sunday 14th Feb - 67°C
Saturday 13th Feb - 92°C
Friday 12th Feb -  92°C
Thursday 11th Feb - 106°C
Wednesday 10th Feb - 102°C
Tuesday 9th Feb - 59°C
Monday 8th Feb - 40°C

Sunday 7th Feb - 46°C
Saturday 6th Feb - 66°C
Friday 5th Feb -  24°C
Thursday 4th Feb - 24°C
Wednesday 3rd Feb - 71°C
Tuesday 2nd Feb - 31°C
Monday 1st Feb - 47°C


Earlier temperature readings to follow shortly.