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We have a working 
Thermodynamic Solar system
on display in our showroom

Thermodynamics - The Basics

Energie Thermodynamic Solar Energy

In Ireland, we can't rely on the sun shining, even in the Summer, look at this year for example. In Winter, we are lucky to get 3 to 4 hours of sunlight in which to charge our panels, regardless of whether they are the tubes or flat plate panels.


This is THE downside to owning traditional solar panels in Ireland. However, there is now a tried & tested solution...


THERMODYNAMIC solar panels now make it possible to have hot water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day or night, rain or shine.


Solar PST cylinder and panelIn its most basic form, the system works as follows :

1. An environmentally friendly refrigerant passes through an 2m wide by 0.8m high solar panel at a temperature of -20ºC.

2. This extremely cold refrigerant begins to rise in temperature (to between 10ºC and 60ºC) as it starts to be heated by the surrounding warmer air temperature.  

3. The now hotter refrigerant now passes back through the compressor, which is either attached to the cylinder or through the Eco Box, where its temperature is increased further.

4. Finally, the very hot refrigerant passes through the heat exchanger / coil in the hot water cylinder raising the temperature of the water in the cylinder to a constant 52-55ºC.




The efficiency of the THERMODYNAMIC system relies on a difference between the outside air temperature and the refrigerant within the panel / pipweork to generate hot water.

That's why the THERMODYNAMIC system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day or night, rain or shine : even in Ireland.