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Thermodynamic Solar - works all day - every day - day or night - rain or shineBackground

Thermodynamic solar is a gas based system that converts the outside air tempertaure into hot water. That means that the system can run work at night and when its raining.

(Traditional solar tubes and flat plate systems are only effective when the day is bright / sunny.)

However the main drawback with the standard Thermodynamic Solar system, is that you had to install a new and rather bulky hot water cylinder which contained, amongst other things, the compressor, coil and control panel.

In many cases, this cylinder physically couldn't fit in your hot press.


However a new system has been designed with its own 'Eco Box'.

The 'Eco Box', which contains the compressor and exchanger is now a separate piece of equipment, allowing it to be sited away from the cylinder in the hot press or attic.

The main benefit is that you can now USE YOUR EXISTING CYLINDER (as long as its has a spare coil) rather than have to buy a new one, which keeps the overall costs down.  

As with the standard thermodynamic system water temperatures are guaranteed at 52-55c all day - every day - day or night - rain or shine.

Running costs for a average family of 4 are approximately than €1.60 per week.


Thermodynamic Solar - heating water to 55 degrees everyday


Price - € 3,500.00 inc vat 
Supplied, fitted and commissioned

(within 30 miles of Tralee, Co Kerry)




Dimensions of Eco Box

Height : 450mm
Width : 325mm
Depth : 320mm


Dimensions of Thermodynamic Panel (as seen on roof)

Height : 800mm
Width : 2000mm
Depth : 25mm
Weight : 8kg