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Cleaning Rods & Brushes

Wood pellet stove cleaning rods & brushesWood Pellet
Cleaning rods  
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€21.00 inc vat

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Raimo Big Bag Dispenser

Raimo bulk bag dispenserSafely empty the contents of your fertilizer, feed, seed or #woodpellet bulk bag. 
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Irish Ecologs

Basic Features

IRISH ECOLOGS are suitable for all open fires, solid fuel stoves, cookers and ranges.

IRISH ECOLOGS are manufactured in Co Limerick and are made from soft wood waste timber without any additives, artificial or otherwise. Irish Ecologs

IRISH ECOLOGS burn with little ash residues and they will not coat your chimney and stove with soot and tar, as other fossil fuels do. 

IRISH ECOLOGS are an earth friendly fuel that do not contribute to global warming.


Puchasing Options

10kg bag

1 x 10kg bag  :   € 4.25 per bag 
112 x 10kg bags (1120kgs)  :  € 3.75 per bag or € 420.00 per pallet  (€ 375.00 per tonne)   



25kg bag

1 x 25kg bag  :   € 9.50 per bag 
40 x 25kg bags (1000kgs)  :  € 9.00 per bag or € 360.00 per pallet  (€ 360.00 per tonne)   



Loose ecologs :  € 0.40 each     (collection only)

(All prices include vat at the current rate)



calorific value   :   5.5kWh / kg

Irish Ecologs in an open fire

bulk density   :   to be confirmed

ash content   :   < 0.5%

moisture    :   < 5%

bark   :   none

additives   :   none



Diameter   :   80mm

Length   :   280mm

Weight   :   approx 1.6kg per ecolog



Nationwide deliveries available by haulier. For current haulage charges, click here