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Nordic Bio Energy 'Opop'

Central heating wood pellet boiler
- to date Kerry Biofuels have installed over 200 Nordic Bio Energy systems


Nordic Bio Energy Spares - below



Nordic Bio Energy - Opop wood pellet boiler set


Nordic Bio Energy Opop

16kW € 4,440.00 inc vat 

30kW € 5,240.00 inc vat 

40kW € 6,210.00 inc vat 


Prices include 

2500mm auger for connection into bulk store



4 weeks to Tralee, County Kerry



Basic Features

The Opop wood pellet boiler works on the same principles as any conventional oil or gas boiler, it starts and stops on a timer and adjusts fuel consumption according to your heating demands. 

There's no need to modify the design of your house or your hot water and/or heating layout. The Opop wood pellet boiler can be used for underfloor and/or radiators, pressurised or open vented.

The 100 step self modulating control systems, as on many gas boilers reacts to your house's actual requirements, adjusting hot water output, maximising boiler efficiency and fuel economy.

The Opop wood pellet boiler system is the ideal solution for all round heating demands.




output : 16kW, 30kW, 40kW, 60kW and above

efficiency : 90.5%

dimensions :  

height : 865mm
width : 735 (with burner attched)
depth : 600mm (without flue)         

height : 865mm
width : 790mm (with burner attached)
depth 600mm (without flue)

water pipe diameter : 32mm / 1 1/4" (flow & return)

water content : 
16kW     27 litres
30kW     45 litres

flue diameter : 
16kW : 130mm
30kW : 150mm

flue exit : rear only

burner position   :   left or right

pwr consumption : 35 to 100 watts



Other Information

Electronic ignition, so the boiler is ON when you want it to be on.

100 phase self modulating control system which regulates the output according to the return hot water temperature / your needs. 

Safety control systems to monitor temperatures within the boiler, shutting down the system if the control settings are breached.

Hot water temperature, pellet feeding and draught adjusters to maximise boiler efficiency.

The Opop boilers will integrate easily with in-house thermostats and timers to maximise fuel efficiency.

Easy access to ash and and inspection hatches.

Suitable for  :
radiators and/or underfloor heating
vented or pressurised systems
with or without buffer tanks

Ideal for integration with solar panels.


Nordic Bio Energy Spares

  Please go to the new Kerry Biofuels website to order your Spares. Thanks.


Nordic Bio Energy - heater elementHeater Element
€ 32.50 inc vat          




Photo SensorNordic Bio Energy - photo sensor
€ 20.00 inc vat